Allanah’s Psychic Tarot Readings

About Allanah:

Allanah knew she was different from a very early age but could never put her finger on how and why. Her childhood was filled with strange experiences and one of her earliest psychic experiences included seeing an angel guarding her door at the age of 9. As she grew older, her gifts and abilities followed suit. She would sense, see, hear, and know things without being able to explain why. Her teenage years brought with them increased sensitivity and an even stronger ability to sense the unseen.


She’s been sensitive since birth, so her abilities and gifts are natural and have not been ‘taught’ through a certain school, method, or teacher. She also believes that some of her abilities have been passed down to her from her highly-intuitive father and maternal grandmother. She is clairsentient (senses), claircognizant (knows), clairvoyant (sees), and clairaudient (hears), and all these abilities work together with the tarot to give clients insights and advice on what to expect, potential outcomes and time frames. She also uses the pendulum on occasion and angel oracle healing cards if a reading calls for it.


Allanah has been reading for clients from all over the world for the last ten years and has experience offering in-person, email, chat, text and telephone readings. She started off honing her skills reading with her friends, family, and just about anyone who asked for a reading. Those first five years were well spent, and forms the foundation of her work today.

Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships are Allanah’s specialities. She has the ability to connect with others and sense their personalities, emotions and intentions. This offers real insight into situations where feelings and personal characteristics play an important part. She’s equally comfortable reading on careers or other areas of life and has offered insight on many career changes, promotions, friendships, and important life changes. She does not offer health/fertility, legal, or readings on life/death or life expectancy.

View her feedback from real clients to see how others experience her readings. She’s been a blessing and guiding light to many over the years and Spirit-guided insights delivered in a compassionate and empathetic way is what makes her stand out from the rest. Truth delivered in a gentle way means her readings offer true insight and guidance based on what she sees, hears, senses and knows. This helps her clients see clearly in even the most difficult and emotion-loaded situations.

Connect with Allanah

If you’d like to have a reading with Allanah, you can contact her live at Psychic Access, LivePerson, and Bitwine.
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